Not everyone is pleased with the shape and size of their buttocks, and an increasingly common concern is a lack of volume and definition. If you wish you had a shapelier, more voluptuous rear end, buttock augmentation may hold the answer.

Excess fat is removed from one part of the body through buttock augmentation, then grafted into place on the buttock to provide a fuller, rounder appearance. To learn more about this plastic surgery procedure, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vivian Ting at Veritas Plastic Surgery in Walnut Creek, CA.

Why People Decide to Get a Buttock Augmentation

Patients choose to get buttock augmentation because they are dissatisfied with the contour, shape, or size of their rear end.

Through buttock augmentation, patients can get the shapely buttocks they long for and improve their underlying skin tone. Best of all, with the proper aftercare, the results of buttock augmentation can be long-lasting, leading to ongoing self-confidence.

At Veritas Plastic Surgery, our goal is to provide results that look natural. If you desire buttocks that are shapelier but still look proportional with the rest of your body, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation.

Your Initial Consultation

During this visit, Dr. Ting will perform a physical evaluation, discuss your aesthetic goals, set realistic expectations, and ask some questions about your medical history. These steps are all important for verifying that you are a good candidate for a safe and successful procedure.

Generally speaking, the best candidates for buttock augmentation have looser tissue on the buttocks and are able to gain and maintain weight. Otherwise, the fat graft will not last, leading to minimal or non-existent results. By contrast, those who have extremely small amounts of body fat may not be ideal candidates for buttock augmentation.

What to Expect from the Surgery

Dr. Ting does not perform buttock augmentation using implants. While this method may sometimes yield satisfying results, there are significant risks of complications that come with buttock implants. Instead, she uses the fat grafting method, wherein excess fat is liposuctioned from one part of your body, then grafted onto the buttock where it can be shaped and positioned.

Generally speaking, the procedure is done under full anesthesia, ensuring that you do not have any pain or discomfort while the surgery takes place.

Recovery After Your Procedure

One of the most important things to know about getting buttock augmentation is that it will take some time to assess the final results. Some fat will be reabsorbed into the body, which means that the initial appearance will be more pronounced and voluminous than the final outcome.

Recovery from butt augmentation may take up to six weeks, though most patients are able to resume normal activities in two to three weeks. Also, note that you will be required to wear compression garments following your procedure.

By following the aftercare instructions provided to you, you can not only ensure a smooth recovery but potentially get results that are long-lasting. If you have any questions about recovery from buttock augmentation, we welcome you to contact Veritas Plastic Surgery in Walnut Creek, CA.