At Veritas Plastic Surgery, we meet with many men and women frustrated by blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. For patients who wish for clearer, more youthful skin without the need for a surgical procedure, laser skin resurfacing is often the best answer. Dr. Vivian Ting treats patients via the Sciton JOULE™, an advanced clinical laser that provides a number of different applications. One common modality is the Sciton ProFractional treatment, which can offer dramatic anti-aging results with very little recovery time.

To learn more about the benefits of Sciton ProFractional™ laser therapy, we welcome you to contact our practice in Walnut Creek, CA to set up an appointment.

Why Choose Sciton ProFractional?

The Sciton ProFractional application is unique because it uses tiny, pinpointed laser beams to hone in on very small segments of your skin. The surrounding areas are unaffected, meaning there are adjacent tissues that can promote rapid healing. This also stimulates collagen production, revitalizing the skin and improving its overall appearance.

Patients tend to like the Sciton ProFractional treatment because it allows them to zero in on particular trouble areas and achieve the desired results without prolonged downtime. Sciton ProFractional treatments are performed in-office, and topical anesthesia is available to ensure a comfortable experience.

Is Sciton ProFractional Right for Me?

During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Ting can tell you more about the type of laser skin resurfacing that is best suited to your skin type and aesthetic goals. Schedule your consultation by contacting us today.