Types of Breast Asymmetry

  • Tubular
  • Poland Syndrome


Tubular breasts are a congenital breast condition that can occur in men and women and can involve one or both breasts. The condition usually becomes apparent during pubertal breast development and is marked by a combination of the following characteristics on either the right or the left breast:

  • Small or underdeveloped breast
  • Large, puffy nipple
  • Wide gap between the breasts
  • Constricted breast base with a high inframammary fold or shortened distance from breast crease to nipple
  • Breast sagging
  • Developmental breast asymmetry

Poland Syndrome

Patients with Poland Syndrome may be missing parts of their chest muscle and/or breast, making it appear underdeveloped or even missing. The breast may also have nipple or areola issues, none of which specifically cause health problems.

Dr. Ting has experience in restoring a natural-looking breast for patients with Poland Syndrome. She can surgically reconstruct the chest wall and significantly improve breast symmetry by using several combination techniques, which may include Breast Reconstruction.